Monday, November 22, 2010

We Survived a Hurricane Together (part 1)

Today is exactly one month since we officially tied the knot, and we have already been through quite the storm together - literally! Yes, we thought we would have the most relaxing and romantic honeymoon in St. Lucia until we got hit by a hurricane! So what better way to start our blog than by recapping the craziest adventure we could ever have imagined; I mean, we couldn't have made this story up if we tried!

After nearly a week in St.Lucia, we woke up Saturday morning to a rainstorm. We didn't think much of it (we were just sad we would miss out on our last possible beach day)...that is until we got a phone call that the storm had been classified as a hurricane.

Being the optimists we are, we saw the hurricane as an adventure. I mean, everyone can say they have been on a beach vacation, but how many people can say they have survived a hurricane while on their beach vacation? So for two days we were trapped indoors with no electricity and nothing to do but be together. Greg impressed me with his manly skills (lighting the gas stove with a match to boil water and make dinner, wringing out towels that were soaked from the rain water that was coming in around the door of our villa). You can't tell in this picture because of the flash, but this was actually a candlelit dinner. It got pitch dark around 6 pm...thank goodness for the red Jesus candle and matches we found! So we laughed and talked for two days straight; in fact, we decided it was the first time since we were first dating that we had been able to sit around and talk like that.

After the storm finally stopped, we went out to see the damage.

Ya, we didn't make it very far. Unfortunately the hurricane had completely destroyed the main highway that goes around the island. NBD though, right? The next day (Monday) the sun was out, and with the highway closed and the airport closed, there was no way we were going home and back to work yet. So what do we do? That's right...we made up that lost beach day!
You can tell from these pictures we still have smiles on our faces. We thought the storm was over and the airport would open and we would get back to NYC, no problem. It will take a whole entire separate blog post to detail the "storms" we encountered Tuesday through Thursday, so be ready for "we survived a hurricane together (part 2)".


  1. Love it!! Can't wait for part 2! And it just goes to show that no matter how trying the circumstance, Jesus is always there--sometimes in the form of a candle! (Hope I don't get struck down for that one)

  2. So crazy!! I'm so glad you were at least able to have a week together in paradise before the storm hit! And I'm glad you're safe. Love reading your blog :)

  3. It was great to see your photos! Thank you for posting them! The destroyed highway was amazing! How fun that you were able to sit and talk for two days! The island is gorgeous! We hope it will be as beautiful when all is repaired. What a delicious and beautiful Thanksgiving dinner with such wonderful company! Love, Mom and Dad R.