Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall Leaves and Pumpkin Treats

I think it was after moving to NYC that I gained a love for fall: the cooler weather, jackets and sweaters, and of course the leaves! Nothing beats the them (and I don't think anyone out west can appreciate it until they experience it firsthand)! We thought because of the timing of our wedding/honeymoon that we would miss the fall leaves this year, but we made it back just in time. These pictures are from a little Sunday afternoon stroll through the Cloisters park (we NY-ers are obsessed with our parks)!

So after the Sunday stroll we came home and baked pumpkin goodies. So yummy! Greg and I ate so much sugar/pumpkin that we made ourselves sick.

Oh, and did I mention that I used our new crockpot to make a pot roast for dinner? Yep, tasted just like home! It was the perfect fall day!

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  1. Love city Parks! That's my favorite part about Paris. I totally want to move out to NY