Friday, April 22, 2011

Saturday Day Trip and Flat Stanley

I think Spring is finally on it's way...we are starting to see the first buds and blossoms, and the daffodils are popping up everywhere in the city. And although we have had a TON of rain this month, every once in a while the city blesses us with a bright, sunny spring day.

A couple of weekends ago we took advantage of the spring weather, rented a car and drove about 1.5 hours north along the Hudson to this cute little town for lunch. The town was so charming that Greg and I decided that one day we will need our apartment in the city and our country home for the weekend getaways!

 When we got back to the city, we had the pleasure of taking Flat Stanley around our new 'hood. Some family friend's little girl in Utah has a school project where this paper guy gets mailed around the country and the people who get him have to take pictures and write a little story about his adventures. In NYC we took Stanley around our street, to our favorite bakery Levains and to Central Park!

I am a Horrible Blogger!

The verdict is officially out...I am no good at this blogging thing. Every week I think to myself, I should update the blog, but the longer time passes the more there is to update and the more daunting the task becomes, so the longer I put it off. I justify it to myself by saying that nothing too exciting has happened over the past couple months, but then I get a facebook message from my aunt trying to get in contact with me, and I realized that in the past two months we have changed addresses and phone numbers and both had birthdays, so I decided it was definitely time to come out of blog hibernation. Here are a few February and March highlights.

Lakers vs. Knicks at Madison Square Gardens! Since Greg is a die-hard Lakers fan and we didn't want any contention in our brand-new marriage, I decided to leave my loyalties to my Phoenix Suns behind. What better way to show my commitment to my husband (and his team) than buying tickets to see the Lakers play here in NYC! We had a great time, the Lakers even won and Kobe played exceptionally well!

On Valentine's Day my Boo took me out for a delicious meal at Kefi, an amazing Greek restaurant on the UWS. We decided to be adventurous and got octopus for an appetizer...when it came out and I saw the suction-y looking things on the tentacles I was nervous, but it was SO GOOD! Like always, we forgot to get a picture at dinner, so here is one of us on the subway on the way home.

President's Day weekend we had a random thought about how we would love to live on the Upper West side, around 72nd street. The neighborhood is close to Central Park and has a ton of our favorite restaurants, bakeries and markets. We had no intention of moving, but just thought we would look to see if there were any great deals. That week, we found the perfect 1-bedroom apartment right on 72nd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus, put in an application and signed the lease and started preparing to move. Here are a few pictures of the apartment - living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and view of the street!
The month of March was busy as we moved to our new apartment, had 2 birthdays and a weekend trip to San Francisco. 

On March 2, Greg turned 27 - we celebrated with Juniors devil's food cake cheesecake (I tried to make a 27 out of the candles).
For my birthday, Greg took me out to dinner at this amazing sushi restaurant, and unfortunately we forgot to take a picture. Thanks to Greg for getting a picture of me with four cupcakes - nothing better than a birthday, lots of food, fat-girl shot!
And we have loved living in our new neighborhood! The apartment is for the most part set up, although we still need curtains and stuff for the walls.

The bedroom: The living room: The kitchen and dining room: The entryway plus HUGE walk-in closet:

I < 3 San Francisco

To celebrate my and Greg's March birthdays, we decided to take a little weekend trip to San Francisco. It was the perfect time for us to get away from all the little stresses of work and life and just enjoy being together. We had so much fun seeing the sights and being tourists in a new city!

Friday started with a morning jog through Golden Gate Park, then down to Pier 39 we sat and watched the sea lions and got some of the original sourdough bread.

Then a bay cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge and over to Alcatraz. We were slightly obsessed with the bridge!
My handsome husband at his birthday dinner.Friday night I was hit with a no-fun stomach bug, so Saturday was a lazy day around Union Square (while I tried to recover). Greg was in heaven with cheap Mexican food for lunch! Good Mexican food is the one thing that's impossible to find in NYC.
We rode the cable car around the city on Sunday. It rained all day, but we still hit up some great spots - the painted ladies, Lombardi Street, Ghiradelli Square, Fisherman's Wharf!
Finally a day with some sun! We started Monday with a nice morning run, the Mission District, Chinatown and shopping in Union Square.