Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fire Island

The perfect end to a perfect summer!
We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend with family at Fire Island.

The beach was beautiful.

The Reeves boys enjoyed the water and the waves.
Leah and I enjoyed the sitting in the sand and talking.

And isn't this lighthouse just so charming?
(I'll leave out the part here about having to pass through the nude beach to get this shot...
the thought of old, saggy and wrinkly men at the beach might just kill the mood.)


  1. Oh my heavens to betsy. I just scrolled back through like 100 pages of your blog and laughed so hard I gave myself a dose of heartburn. I don't know which was my favorite, your ridiculous obsession with food, your dad and his "walking shape", or the picture with peanut m&m's in your mouth. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Oh thank you. But seriously, I am insanely jealous of where you live and the unreal things you do. You guys are both of course perfect looking and you need to move down here asap. Greg can have all the filiberto's he can eat. Love love, Chels

  2. I thought saggy, wrinkly naked, old men were your favorite?! I don't even know you anymore! :)

    Beach looks gorgeous!