Sunday, July 3, 2011

Oh Canada

It's Memorial weekend, and we finally see the first signs of summer in NYC...and what do we do??? We head north to Canada!!! We couldn't not take advantage of the long weekend, time off of work and the fact that Jon and Leah have a car and invited us to go on a roadtrip with them, so while people in Manhattan were enjoying the beach and the sunshine, we were struggling to stay warm and dry as we explored a new country. Even though it rained the ENTIRE weekend (except for the morning we had to head home), we loved touring the French part of Canada. We had a great time eating good French cuisine and exploring Montreal and Quebec City and their streets and architecture. Leah said the old part of Quebec City was just like being in France. So charming!

We stopped at this little Patisserie in Montreal. The quiche was amazing, and the croissants were pretty good too.
We spent most of our time exploring the old part of Quebec City. Quebec was first settled in 1608 and is actually one of the oldest settlements in North America. It is unique because of its location right at the narrowing of the St. Lawrence River and is the only "walled city" that still exists north of Mexico. We could not get enough of the majestic and beautiful!
The streets in Quebec were so charming. We felt like we had walked right into a page out of a history book.
We hiked up on top of the city wall and walked around, admiring the views of the rooftops and the Citadelle.
We tried to get a self-portrait but didn't realize the camera was on zoom! OOPS, no one wants a picture of themselves that close (but it is kind of funny, so I thought I would include)!
We had dinner at this cute little authentic Quebecoise restaurant...meat pies and poutine - you've got to try it at least once in your life!
And of course the sun came out just as we had to say au revoir! We loved these city streets.

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