Friday, July 15, 2011

"I'm In Such Great Walking Shape"

I love my dad for many reasons, but mainly for how much he loves life and how excited he gets about little things (even when the rest of the family doesn't quite share his same excitement). Two years ago my entire family came to visit me in NYC, and in preparation for Cody's first trip to the big apple my dad was trying to explain to him about the subway system. He would go on and on about how public transportation works, how fast the trains move, how many people ride it, and how the whole network of tracks is underground a city of more than 6 million people. He said, "Cody, it's like a whole 'nother world down there!"

Unfortunately for Cody, my dad was so enthusiastic about the subway system that once in NYC he had to point out every subway entrance and say, "Cody, it's a whole 'nother world down there." It became our running joke during the trip.

Two years later my family comes to visit NYC again, and my dad hasn't changed a bit. Although, this time it wasn't about the subway system, it was about walking. I have to give my old man some props. We walked A LOT while they were here; I mean, even I was tired, and I live here! So my dad complained the first day, but he was totally amazed at how quickly his body adjusted and thus was born the phrase, "I just can't believe I'm in such great walking shape!" He must have told us at least five times a day (for the next seven days)! In fact, I think he even mentioned it multiple times once they got back to Wyoming.

I let my parents take most of the pictures on the trip, but here are a few from the day we went to the Natural History Museum and did the paddle boats in Central Park.
And yes, we did spend at least ten minutes staring and laughing at the weiner on this dude. My dad titled this exhibit "Granny and Grandpa leave for their Honeymoon". Only my family would be so immature as to take a picture of what everyone else calls "science"and "evolution".
Jeff really enjoyed the dinosaurs exhibits, especially once we told him they were "Little Foot" and "Three-Horns" from the Land Before Time.
I love Central Park and NYC in the summer!

After a few days in NYC, we went on an east coast roadtrip down the coast to Delaware and Virginia and then came back through Washington DC and Pennsylvania. Here are a few highlights from our day in the nation's capitol.

This picture is classic: my dad with his reading glasses on looking at a map, my mom trying to text a picture of the white house to her mom and sisters, Jeffery brushing his hair, and me and Cody apparently had seen enough of the white house and were ready to move on!
Such a beautiful afternoon to take a walking tour of the monuments.

Jeff was apparently not happy about the picture and the hug my mom was giving him...and Cody is especially happy cause Greg just grabbed his butt right before the shot!
And once again, why I love my dad. He loves to stop at places along the road to take pictures. But he won't get just any shot; no, he will squat down on the ground for the perfect shot!

We had such a great vacation. And even though I'm 28 and married, I still cry every time I have to say goodbye to my family. We're already counting down the days to Thanksgiving! Sure do love and miss you guys! Thanks for coming all the way across the country to spend time with us.


  1. So funny--I laughed until I cried and then I just cried! Love and miss you both!

  2. "Brittany, this is what I like to call wide open spaces." :)

    Looks like you all had a great visit. I love the Bluths!!!