Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree

There is nothing like NYC around Christmas time, and nothing compares to seeing the Rockefeller Christmas tree all lit up! It brings holiday joy to even the most bah-humbug characters out there.
So at the first signs of Christmas in the city, Greg and I went to our neighborhood Christmas tree stand and searched for our first Reeves family Christmas tree. The friendly Canadian tree sellers educated us on the different kinds of firs, what to look for in a good tree and helped us pick out the perfect one! Here they are sawing and wrapping it so we can take it home.
My baby carried our tree the whole 1.5 blocks to our apartment and set it up in our entryway.
We spent the evening decorating the tree, listening to holiday tunes and drinking hot chocolate.


  1. Nothing like a real Christmas tree to make it feel/smell like Christmas!